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23 August 2010 @ 11:09 am
Character Analysis Meme  

Name: Claude Frollo
Age: 64
Distinguishing/Hidden features: Rather tall and thin, with a hooked nose that makes his profile easily recognizable.
Style: As cold and unforgiving as the Gothic architecture that characterized his previous home. He is all sharp edges and lines, though he wraps himself in sensuous velvet with flaring red accents. Indicative of his personality? Perhaps.
Greatest flaw: His single-minded commitment to his goals. He is determined to a fault and treads dangerously close into obsession's territory.
Best quality: His cunning. While it rarely bodes well for those he dislikes, his calm intelligence and sharp mind is probably his greatest asset.

Character's Financial/Social Situation: An aristocrat. He held a high public office in Paris, and though he no longer has any real social status above any of his coworkers, he is still fairly wealthy and, of course, he considers the purity of his soul to grant him a special place above them.
Educational Background: Tutored privately during his youth, after which he spent some time in a monestary before leaving to pursue a career in law. Being naturally well-suited to the ways of stark rules and punishments, he came to become a judge and later Minister of Justice for all of Paris.
Family & Relationships: Mother and father both dead. He does have an estranged younger brother, and if questioned on the subject he will deny the man's existence entirely. He claims to have raised Quasimodo as his own son, but few would call their relationship anything close to familial. Overall, his relationships appear based more on perceived usefullness than any sort of affection. Esmeralda is the only anomaly here -- he wants her for no purpose other than to call her his.
Character's Spiritual/Religious Beliefs: Staunchly Roman Catholic. His commitment to God often leads him to great dislike for those who don't share his extreme values, even hatred, but even his dedication to his religion can be consumed by his obsessive hatred for gypsies.

Any Mental Illnesses? No, though many would say his obsessions can border on madness when he is pushed to the very edge. Push him to it and he may quite possibly lose all reason.
How does Character see himself/herself? The paragon of virtue. He fully believes himself to be a moral exemplar and thus permitted special standing over sinful commoners.
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? As someone to be feared and respected, because you certainly cannot have one without the other. To a degree he is right, but he is immune to the public's whispers about his apparent overcommitment to justice. If they were as pure as he, they would have nothing to complain about.
How would others describe your Character? Cruel, unjust, and prejudiced. Possibly mad, and to some, prone to lust.
What is the spine of your character? Ram-rod straight and rigid. He has impeccable posture and seems to loom over everyone. Less literally, he refuses to bend to confrontation and considers it a great weakness to give into any will other than his own. He will defend his convictions to the last, mostly because he believes them not to be mere opinions but pure fact.
What is the mental process of your character? Frollo has quite possibly never spent a moment in his life thinking with his heart. He calculates quickly and calmly and never hesitates before making a decision. To him, all things are black and white: an action is moral or immoral. There is no middleground worth considering.
What would most embarrass this character? Being stripped of his authority and respect to be publically humiliated. Since he considers himself to be an example worth imitating, his image is very important to him.
What does the character want out of life? Respect, moral justice, and to exterminate the gypsies from the streets of Paris.
What would the character like to change in his/her life? If not the eradication of gypsies, then nothing. He is quite pleased with his station.
What motivates this character? His warped perception of moral values.
What frightens this character? Inconsistency. He becomes quite unsettled when things do not go as he plans or is accustomed to.
What makes this character happy? Again, respect, and his close relationship with God.

Food: He's very fond of grapes.
Color: Red.
Season of the year: Winter.
Movie: He doesn't have time for such frivolities. He'll leave that to his students.
TV Show: Another useless pastime.

I believe when we die: our souls are judged by the Lord and we are rewarded accordingly.
The greatest thing one person can do for another is: protect them from the evils of this world and show them the path to righteousness.
The ugliest thing I have ever seen was: Quasimodo.
The most beautiful thing I have ever seen was: Esmeralda.
I am superstitious about: I have no superstitions. My unease is entirely justified.